tldr: Zoom link at the bottom - please read this page!

The Zoom link is at the bottom of the page - it's great if you read all of this page - as it will help you understand how we make this event work and how we try and make this the safest and most accessible place we can given this is on the internet.

**Please decant alcoholic drinks into cups in support of our siblings in recovery

ATTENDEE OR PANELLIST - What should I choose? What can I do?

There are two levels of access in this type of event - an Attendee and a Panellist - they have different levels of interactions.

Attendee is the basic access you will get when you join the call - has a video stream that is controlled by the Queer House Party Crew - when we spotlight a video you will see that video. You cannot share your video, you cannot un-mute yourself - and you can only read the chat. You can use the Q&A functions to talk to the Queer House Party Crew and view our responses. 

Panellist is access you can request and you need to be manually verified to have this turned on. This will allow you to share your video (you do not have to), and chat to other Panellists and Attendees in the chat function. You can also control what you view - you can Pin a video (e.g. Max our BSL Interpreter). 

During performances/announcements - to ensure that we have only Max and the Performers/Announcers on screen for everyone we make everyone an Attendee and then add people as Panellists after the performance.


There are now three options for your listening pleasure. Two have the same sound mix and one has the sound mix with added Audio Description. You can choose which you want. 

Zoom - for your regular listening pleasure - Join the audio in zoom from your computer. Stream it to what you want. This is a good quality feed and will have all of the announcements and performances. 

Mixlr - for your high quality streaming pleasure - to get this go to the SOAS radio Mixlr - - and use that from your browser - this is high quality stereo - it might have a slight delay to the Zoom feed. If you are using this, you don't have to join the Zoom Audio - We are streaming everything to Mixler!  - you can choose "Leave Audio" this will not interfere with your ability to share your screen.  This is the option if you want your speakers to have lush sound (and your neighbours/flatmates always need a bit of queer tunes to liven up the evening!)

Audio Description - if you would like to have Audio Description for the performances and some of the evening - join the Zoom Audio and then set your Interpretation to French -  Zoom don't actually have an Audio Describe - so we chose French. You will get the audio mixed with the Audio Description on top. 


Join the zoom call - details below*

You are now an Attendee - you can ask questions in the Q&A and read the chat room.

To become a Panellist:

  1. Raise your hand - this is an icon in the lower bar. Follow the instructions here if you can't see the Raise Hand option in the lower bar.

  2. Wait for one of our moderators to verify you (this is a manual process).

  3. You'll be made a panellist and you can choose to share your video (instructions on this link) and chat with everyone in the chatroom

We will be cycling through the videos shared, to spotlight people having a great time, and also to ensure that as many queers as possible can join in the party and share with us all their great times, costumes, and makeup! If you have flashing lights be aware that some of these can trigger people who have photosensitive epilepsy - if we see these we cannot spotlight you - we will message you and let you know.

This is a queer run space. We will not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, whorephobia, misogyny, misandry, racism, sexism, ableism, or any hate speech against any religion or belief. We understand that a party can be a sexy space, and CONSENT IS SEXY - we will not tolerate non-consensual sexual activity.

Please be sensitive if you take photos of the screens to share the fun you are having - some people may not be out - so beware of tagging faces.

*If you're using the "join from your browser" link you may need to be signed into Zoom to use it - this is part of their new security settings.


This is the internet - while we are doing everything we can to make this space as safe as possible for everyone to party and be themselves - Haters are going to hate!

To make the space safer we:

  • Confirm as best we can that the people we promote to Panellist to show their video, are members of our community

  • Limit the ability of non-panellists to interact  - only the Q&A are open to non-panellists - non-panellists can only read the chat.

  • Have more than one moderator available - Liv, Dr J, and Shona are all able to take action should anyone say anything inappropriate or hateful publicly. If someone does use the direct chat in a way that makes you feel unsafe - please let one of us know immediately. We cannot see the interactions between individuals - so we need to be told to be able to take action.


If you are triggered by any hateful language - be aware that the Q&A mechanism is being used to identify and "honeytrap" the Haters - we will hide any abusive messages once we have removed the Hater - we cannot guarantee that there will not be hate speech visible in this area - we will work to minimise its visibility. 


We now have the lovely Max who will be providing BSL the announcements and performances. To ensure this can be viewed with the performances we will be shutting all other video feeds off at this time. This means if you are a Panellist (able to share your video and control your view) you will find yourself back as an Attendee. 

 Once the performance is over - raise your hand - and we will start adding people back as Panellists so they share their video feeds, and interact via the chat with everyone. 

We now also have Audio Description:
If you would like Audio Description of the Performances and throughout some of the event - you need to set your Interpretation to "French" (Zoom don't actually have an Audio Describe - so we chose French)

The Interpretation is a setting on the bottom of the screen - and it is available to both Attendees and Panellists alike.

We are trying to figure out the best way for you to be able to connect with Dot who is doing the audio descriptions - you can use the Chat function in Zoom to connect with "Audio Desc (Dot)".


Click the zoom image to enjoy the party.

Link Available from 8:45pm - Launch at 9pm!

This is work in progress. Let us know if you love or hate it -