Queer House Party is camp, sexy, inclusive, and it’s live-streamed to you every. Damn. Friday.

Resident DJs Harry Gay, Wacha and Passer bring you the bops, and we have an online chat hang-out hosted by the legendary Liv Wynter! It gets better - every week we have different special guests, drag queens and performers broadcasting their fabulousness straight into your living room!

What started out as some queer housemates live streaming their DJ sets has turned into an event that brings over 1000 isolated queers together each week. Born on the first Friday of lockdown, Queer House Party started with the aim of bringing solidarity and release to our community, and every week we party together into the early hours. You can share your video, chat with other guests and REVEL in the sheer queer beauty of our house party

Queer parties are political and we use this platform to highlight campaigns and causes that deserve your attention. We do not work with sponsors or corporates that don't align with our values.

We have a commitment to accessibility and all of our live shows have BSL interpretation and Audio Descriptions.


We will collaborate and support any queer artists or collectives who want to create similar spaces 


 Featured in Dazed and Confused, Pitchfork, ID, Time Out, Xtra, Vice, The Guardian, BBC, Pink News, and QX Magazine.

How does Queer House Party work?

Just before we go live at 21.00 we’ll send out a link on our socials that will transport you into the party.

You can choose to share your video and dance along or just watch everyone else partying.

You can also chat with other party guests in the main thread or send private messages ;)

We’ll be joined by performers each week who are spotlighted as a full screen, meaning we can all watch together.

© Queer House Party 2020