• Fredde Lanka


    Fredrik Andersson is originally from Sweden, but for the last five years has been based in London, working as an independent artist and educator. Fredrik works in a bold, colourful style across illustration, comic books and ceramics.
    My work is humorous and strongly narrative and addresses topics ranging from queer culture, family dynamics and sex.

    He has taught arts education courses at the Camden Art Centre and the Camberwell College of Arts. At Camden Arts Centre, He facilitates the Youth Collective. He is the artistic director for The Outside Project (UK’s first LGBTQIA+ Shelter and community centre) where he raises money, runs workshops and facilitates the Project’s physical and digital spaces alongside the diverse group of stakeholders who use them.

    The queer community is important to Fredrick. And he believes that it is critical to recognise our own privilege and give back to the communities that inspire and
    educate my practice.


    DJ, Orgainser and Host

    Harry Gay is a community organiser, DJ and the founder of Queer House Party. He found his party beginnings with Queerbash at the legendary Camden haunt Her Upstairs (RIP) and he now holds multiple weekly residences across London. He’s 1/3 of anti-fascist DJ collective Glamtifa, running dance parties and a radio show to penetrate London’s queer rave scene with some much-needed rowdiness to raise money for international LGBTIQ+ and anti-fascist causes. Alongside the party, he works for the Outside Project and has been campaigning with the organisation since 2017.

    Photo by Holly Whitaker 


    DJ and Sound Tech 

    Passer is a non-binary DJ and activist, running nights and events and fighting fascism, sometimes simultaneously. Their DJ collective GLAMTIFA seeks to bring the politics back into queer clubbing, and in their mixes they blend sounds from around the globe, instructed by their experience studying music and running the radio at SOAS, with dancefloor fillers and underground sounds, old and new. Passer does all the sound tech for Queer House Party and is awaiting offical sponsorship from Loopback.

  • MAX

    BSL Interpreter

    Max is a nonbinary BSL interpreter and disability rights campaigner. They are especially interested in making queer spaces accessible for all. They live with multiple chronic health conditions and mental health issues. They are autistic. They are disabled and proud! They founded Notts LGBTQ+ Disabled+ Forum and are organising Accessible Pride as soon as circumstances allow. They set up the page @cripplequeers to improve visibility for all queer disabled people and to help build an international community. They impatiently await legal recognition of their gender and equal civil rights for all. Smash the system!


    DJ and Graphic Designer

    Wacha is an activist, artist and DJ. They co-run queer publishing house Polari Print and feminist state school workshop initiative Disruptista. They draw from their time in Argentina to mix perreo with ripped up bootlegs of R&B favourites and are passionate about sourcing music from producers and artists traditionally excluded from mainstream dance music. Wacha co-runs and co-ordinates outreach for Queer House Party.



    Liv Wynter is a support worker, live artist, writer, and activist from SEL. Liv has been performing internationally since 2015, making live art that centres around radical action, community, rage, and power. With successful residencies at Project Indigo, Wysing, FACT, (a less sucessful one) at Tate, and working with Free Word, the Hayward Gallery, and lecturing arts universities, Liv has gone on to cause chaos through both their personal practice and their commitment to antifascist, antisexist, and anticapitalist organising. Currently, they are dipping their toe into theatre, with their debut, 'And So The Choir Gathers, Before It is Too Late', selling out over 5 nights at The Bunker Theatre Nov 2019. They are currently a support worker at The Outside Project, and a peer support coordinator at Hearts and Minds. Liv stands in solidarity with all groups organising against oppression.  Quit your job, join a band, start a gang.

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